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Here at DJL Clinical Research, our goal is to assist in the clinical research of innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious disease and enrich the lives of everyone we touch.

"You have a great site, quite impressive, made my visit so easy" - CRA, RA 25Aug2015                                         " All aspects of the drug preparation process were followed and documented flawlessly... The IWRS was updated prior to the visit, the accountability log was up to date, and the pharmacy site file contained all the required documents... In fact, the visit went so well I was sure I was missing something!" - CRA, PsA 10Jul2015                        " Some of the best source I've seen" - Auditor, SLE 23Sep2015         " Very impressed with the level of amendment training documentation." - CRA, Plaque Psoriasis 23Jun2015        " I like for the trainees to come to this site and tell them this is what it's supposed to look like." - CRA, Psoriatic Arthritis 01Dec2015


We are currently conducting studies that include but are not limited to:



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