An Investigative Site Network (ISN) is defined as a group of independent clinical research sites based upon specific qualification criteria that function as one entity. 

Our DJL staffers oversee and facilitate financial, regulatory, safety, data management, business processes, quality assurance, and site selection concerns for each trial.

This central administrative staff determines the appropriate number of sites and locations within the network for participation in each trial based on the trial criteria, network needs, and the current trial portfolio.

Utilizing the network provides numerous benefits for both sponsors and CROs.

Central Administrative Staff

The sponsor/CRO works through a central administrative staff rather than several clinical administrative offices, reducing the number of contacts and streamlining study communication.

High Efficiency & High Quality

Efficiency and quality lead to faster trial initiations and completion. Our consistent and thorough Quality Assurance program leads to continual process improvement that is implemented across the growing network.

Network Site Models

When compared to single site models, Network Site Models lead to increased regulatory readiness, enrollment rates, and decreased query rates.